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HTO Series High Temperature and High Pressure dyeing machine

HTO Series High Temperature and High Pressure dyeing machine

Product features

1, Built-ininteractiveStack system: The maximum increase of the load capacity of the cloth;

2, AdjustableVariable loadStorage slot:Suitable for all kinds of thick and thin fabricHigh quality dyeing;

3, Innovative design of the dyeing nozzle: with an adjustable gap, easy to clean, stable performance characteristics;

4, Carefully designed of dye liquorCirculating reflex system: The dyeing results can be obtained with various kinds of thick and thin fabrics in the condition of extremely low bath ratio (1:4.5);

5, Ultra low bath ratio (1:4.5); 1) saving 50%auxiliary, 5%-10%fuel; 2, saving50% water and sewage discharge; 3) saving 50% steam consumption;

6, SlowUniform dyeing System: Not only reduce the fabric produced in the process of ascension in tension, but also reduces the power of the main pump, saving power consumption

7, Feedingback flowdilutionsystem: To ensure that the extremely low bath ratio under the condition of the pigment and dye fully mixed evenly, thereby reducing the dyeing process of Color flower, color difference;

8, Self cleaning system: Unique design of sprinkler systems, It can effectively remove oil and sewage out of the overflow and Shunt exclusion timely. Reduce The overflow water washing time and water consumption.

9, Innovative designed of Out of cloth /stack clothSystem: When the cloth is out,It is Evenly and neatly placed in a cloth car,Reduce labor intensity

Type and specification:

Model Tube
Pump Power
Dimensions (mm)
(L) (W) (H)
HTO-1T 1 250 7.5 2100 4400 3700
HTO-2T 2 500 15 4300 4400 3700
HTO-3T 3 750 22 5500 4400 3700
HTO-4T 4 1000 30 6800 4400 3700
HTO-6T 6 1500 45 9100 4400 3700

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