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HYO Series High Temperature and High Pressure dyeing machine

HYO Series High Temperature and High Pressure dyeing machine

Performance introduction

HYO series high temperature energy saving dyeing machine is based on many years of the experience of manufacturing dyeing machine, absorbing the advantages of the domestic and foreign similar equipment. It is a new type of non guide cloth roller “O“type dyeing machine by our own R & D.

It has the dual functions: creping cylinder makes cloth creping and conventional dyeing machine;

Careful design of the liquor circulation system and variable load of the cloth storage groove, can make all kinds of thick and thin fabric operate normally in very low bath ratio (1:2.5) state.

with characteristics of low cost, unique fabric style, feel full, bright color, high yield etc


Main technical parameters

1.Bath ratio:1:3-1:4

2.Maximum working pressure:0.35Mpa

3.Maximum operating temperature:140℃

4.The fastest cloth speed:750m/min(Thin fabric)

5.Heating rate:25℃-100℃/average 5℃/min,100℃-130℃/average 4℃/min(calculate0.55MPa dry saturated steam pressure gauge)

6.Cooling rate:130℃-80℃/average 5℃/min(The cooling water pressure is 0.3Mpa, the temperature is 25℃)


Model and specifications

Model Tube
Suitable for dyeing maximum load meter/kg Main pump power (KW) Dimension(mm)
L W(Including the cloth rack) H
HYO-1T 1 180/30 5 2000 3600 2200
HYO-1T 1 1500/250 11 2100 3600 3200
HYO-2T 2 3000/500 18.5 4450 3650 3200
HYO-4T 4 6000/1000 37 6700 3700 3200
HYO-6T 6 9000/1500 55 9100 3750 3200

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