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HJ series high temperature and high pressure dyeing equipment

HJ series high temperature and high pressure dyeing equipment

This machine uses a new type of nozzle ,Teflon grids and spreading systems, with a maximum capacity of 500kg of cloth and liquor ratio of 1:5.5-1:8.It is the most popular, large and the most environmental-friendly dyeing machine on the market today.

Main technical features:

1、Large capacity: each tube can hold about 500kg of blended fabric, and about 450kg of cotton fabric.

2、Low liquor ratio: when the capacity of each tube reaches up to 500kg,the liquor ratio is 1:5.5.

3、Environmental protection: low consumption of water ,energy,discharge and power.

4、Good effect: a high-quality opening system for fabric,which makes fabric flabby and makes the finished product a good effect,with no kind mark.

5、Wide application range: it is suitable for chemical fiber ,pure cotton,micro fibers and blend fabrics of 50g/meter-800g /meter .Besides,it gives good dyeing for fuzz vested of around 800g/meter.

★ The adjustment range of the fabric speed 0-350m/min
★ Liquor ratio 1:5.5-1:8
★ MAX. working pressure 0.44Mpa
★ MAX. working temperature 140℃

Technical Parameters

Model No.of Tubes Nominal Capacity
Total Power
Dimensions (mm)
(L) (W) (H)
HJ-250 1 200-300 15.9 7300 2300 3100
HJ-500 1 350-500 22 10000 2300 3100
HJ-1000 2 750-1000 36.5 10000 3480 3100
HJ-1500 3 1050-1500 51 10000 4680 3100
HJ-2000 4 1400-2000 65.5 10000 5900 3100

If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.

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