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          HTB series high temperature and high pressure(HTHP) jet dyeing machine

          HTB series high temperature and high pressure(HTHP) jet dyeing machine


          Products of HTB series is a new type of dyeing equipment which is developed by our company.It synthesizes the advantages of similar products and adopts adjustable nozzles,square tube arrangement,as well as guide cloth roller of frequency control ,which is suitable for blending and dyeing ethylene,blending series,linen and cotton,and also other flimsy materials.

          Technical Features:

          High Fabric Speed: 600m/min.

          Low Liquor Ratio:1:6 - 1:8.

          MAX.Working Pressure: 0.44Mpa.

          MAX.Working Temperature 140℃.

          Application Range: 60-750g/m.

          Square tube arrangement,making the fabric relax and making good dyeing effects!

          Technical Characteristics

          Model No.of Tubes Nominal Capacity
          Total Power
          Dimensions (mm)
          (L) (W) (H)
          HTB-150 1 100-150 13 7500 1500 2600
          HTB-200 1 140-200 20.25 10500 1500 2600
          HTB-400 2 300-400 33.75 10500 2500 2600
          HTB-800 4 600-800 47.5 10500 4600 2600

          If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.

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