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HJW series high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine without guiding roller

HJW series high temperature and high pressure dyeing machine without guiding roller

HJW Series Dyeing Machine changes the traditional habits of using guiding roller to drive and alter the fabric circular direction,and is finally developed by using the main and assistant squirt.Therefore we can solve the main conflict of the linear speed of the guiding roller with the cloth speed,it also prevents the heterosexuality,eliminates the mangle, scratch,crease and the flaw when the fabric reaches to the guiding roller.At the same time,fabric circular changes into straight line motion,so the tensile force reduce to the least degree,and then the warp and weft of the fabric contract,it also can effectively improve the stiffness ,fluffy, keep the softness and coarse .This kind of machine fits for ultra thin spun-like fabric and middling thickness polyester face cotton.In dyeing process,tangling and skidding can be avoided , the dyeing time can be to shorten . The auxiliary squirt of this machine can change the flux and pressure that bases on the fabric configuration, it is fit for dyeing a great many of fabrics,such as,knitting,woven,synthetic, blended fabric and mixed fabric.

★ The adjusted range of the cloth rate    0~700m/min

★ Bath ratio   1:6~1:8

★ The highest working pressure    0.44MPa

★ The highest working temperature   140℃

Technical Characteristics

Model No.of Tubes Nominal Capacity
Total Power
Dimensions (mm)
(L) (W) (H)
HJW 1 80-100 11 7800 1850 2680
HJW 1 150-200 18.5 9800 1880 2800
HJW 2 300-400 30 9800 2950 2800
HJW 4 600-800 55 9800 4800 2800

If the listed specification has any changes,our company has right to modify without notification at any time. 

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