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Infrared dyeing machine

Infrared dyeing machine


Infrared dyeing machine developed by our company is the latest generation. It combines the advantages of common infrared machines with the Characteristics high-temperature glycerol machines and overcomes their deficiencies.It is a set of environmental energy-saving efficient proof press,replaces common infrared machines and the HTHP proof press,causes technical reform of dyeing prototype ,brings enormous economic and social benefits to textile, dyeing and finishing, chemical and additives industry.

Main advantages

1.It installs a programmable intelligent LCD computer which has various expressions and monitors in real-time working condition.

2.It uses the infrared coating which is low power, no smoking pollution and loss of glycerol ,it has good thermal insulation effects, and is effective in saving energy and costs.

3.It uses frequency conversion control and automatic positive inversion devices.It can adjust the running speed of cups ,better meet the operation of large stale production.The motion make the dye back and forth to obtain the uniform dye uptake.It is suitable for all kinds of fabric.

4.It uses air cooling system without external sources, reducing the waste of water.

5.You can Simultaneously proof at different liquor ratio with different fabrics at the same time, and random take the samples during heating without reducing the speed and effectiveness of sampling.

6.Low liquor ratio.It can be as low as 1:5. It can be matched with small liquor dyeing machine.

7.It adopts measuring and controlling temperature technology which guarantees the durable operation so that life is much longer than those common infrared machine.

8.The whole machine is made of stainless steel panel, and it occupies a few areas.

Main technical parameters

Number of cups1224Temperature control accuracy±0.5℃
Specification  350ml、420mlHeating rate0.2-5.0℃/min
Materials of cups316L Stainless steelHeating power6KW
Rotation speed0-50n/minHeating modeInfrared coating
Rotation modeThe wheel type/
 Tumbling type
Cooling modeForced coatings
Liquor ratio1:5~1:20Power specificationsTwo-phase 220V
Temperature control rangeRoom temperature to 140℃Dimensions (L*W* H)mm12P:650*750*900

If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.


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