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SW microcomputer-controlled revolving type dyeing sample test machine

SW microcomputer-controlled revolving type dyeing sample test machine


The machine is applicable to the laboratory sample coloration test in normal temperature and high temperature ; an electricity system is manufactured by imported elements with reliable performance and long-life service ,the driving system runs steadily low noise,the container is made of stainless steel with a beautiful appearance ; Heating by electricity is controlled by a microcomputer with accuracy to control the whole procedure automatically and actual operation can be simulated correctly for consistency and correctness and steadiness.

Technical parameter

Model SW-12 SW-24
Cups 12 Cups 24 Cups
Max. Working temperature 100℃ 100℃
Bath ratio 1:5-1:20 1:5-1:20
Heating power 4kw 6kw
Tem.Raising speed 0-4℃ 0-4℃
Tem.Control accuracy ±1.0℃ ±1.0℃
Power AC220V 50Hz AC220V 50Hz
Cup holder revolving speed 42 r/min 42 r/min
Dimensions 890*610*860mm 955*630*980mm

If the listed specification has any changes,our company has right to modify without notification at any time.


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