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HS-2KG ribbon dyeing machine

HS-2KG ribbon dyeing machine


This machine is suitable for wool sweater, nylon, acrylic, cotton, rayon knitted products’ washing and dyeing.

This machine is equipped with variable speed device, the operating speed can be adjusted according to different fabrics,load  capacity and process requirements.

Cylinder bottom is provided with electric heating pipe, convenient and safe operation.

Using exact positive inversion controller, and auto-control positive and negative motion, made the cylinder fabric is uniformly flipped ,to ensure uniform dyeing of fabric.

Technical parameter

Working temperature ≤100℃
Bath ratio 1:5—1:10
Heating method Electric heating
Heating medium Water
Heating power 9KW
Driving motor power 370W
Speed 40rpm/min
Cylinder volume About 50L
Dimension 1020*670*1100mm
Frequency 6r/s (positive and negative)

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