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HT-150A/B frequent jet dyeing machine(A:steam heating;B:electric heating)

HT-150A/B frequent jet dyeing machine(A:steam heating;B:electric heating)

Technical Data

1.Compressed air inlet pressure :5-8Bar,Steam inlet pressure:4-6kg;

2.Fabric roller:φ160-φ180mm; center distance between two rollers:350-400mm;

3.Degree of ex-pander peach shape roll:15-25mm;

4.Dye tank:cloth roller φ125mm,solution 40L/m;

5.Door cover form:Easy to open or close by hand,Lightweight hand-pulled open or close,observe work run through the door cover observation;

6.Speed of fabrics:0-50m/min ,with infinitely variable speeds;

7.Transmission Model:two AC motors ,Reduction helical gear box;

8.Complete weight of machine:0.8T;

9.Running speed:0-50m/min ,tension range:0-80kg;

10.Installed capacity:3-6kw ,Input voltage/Frequency:380v/50HZ.


Micro-Change Communications technology

1. To achieve constant speed and tension control;

2. Automatic reciprocating winding,and measuring;

3. Functions of acceleration, deceleration, increasing tension and reducing tension;

4. Functions of balancing swing;

5. Directly automatic heating , automatic temperature control;

6. Automatic Dyeing cycle.


If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.

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