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Beam Cloth Cheese Tester

Beam Cloth Cheese Tester

Introduction :

Huaxia company designs a new generation beam cloth cheese tester with  the advantages of double-cylinder dyeing machine. As a four-cylinder cheese dyeing machine with four cups in each cylinder, this tester is applicable to simultaneous dyeing for textile fabrics with weight with 20-80g and different bath rates. It will complete cycling of dye liquor without water pump with injection pressure adjustable. It allows dyeing, washing, reduction of washing, and neutralization, soft, dyestuff test and so on.

Dyeing fabric and yarn:

Fabric,Yarn,Acrylic,Polyester,Fiber,Cotton,Rayon,Knitted fabric,woven fabrics.


1.Dyeing combination compatibility.

2.Dependence of dye combination with auxiliary.

3.Levelness of auxiliary with dye combination.

4.Residual liquid detection of gray fabric and gray yarn,white contrast.

5.Test degree of gray fabric and gray yarn dyeing.

6.Water quality test to contrast color brilliance.


1.Each group of dyeing cups are in the same chrome tank,which ensures the temperature stability between dyeing cups.

2.There is a separate charging system between the cups.It is unnecessary to open the lid,allowing to charge different dyestuff,auxiliaries,acids,bases and so on.Free from time and frequency and temp.

3.It allows dyeing,charging,cleaning,acid neutralization and other operations at one time.

4.It is applicable to test the dye rate and shrinkage of the inner,middle,outer layers of beam cloth and cheese.And also applicable for testing the properties of different dyestuff and auxiliaries,as well as the dye rate and shrinkage of cheese and cloth under high temperature and pressure.

5.With compact structure,small liquor ratio,high emulation and auto control of temperature,this tester is simple to operate in the human machine interface and is of high degree of automation.

Main technical parameters:

Tank No.4
Cup No.4 / Cylinder×4
Cup capacity1000ml Stainless steel cup
Max. working pressure0.30Mpa
Max. design pressure0.40Mpa
Max. working temperature135°
Max. Design temperature140°
Working mediumDye solution
Bath ratio1:3-1:20
Power supply380V、50Hz
Transmission power0.37kw
Heating modeElectric heating
Heating power2.4kw*4

If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.

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