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HT3~10kg yarn dyeing machine

HT3~10kg yarn dyeing machine

Technical functional requirements

1.It is suitable for pre treating , dyeing and finishing of cheese, large package cheese,loose fibers,top, flat belt and so on;

2.Three 1kg cheese for once high temperature dyeing;

3.Computer control heating,cooling, and constant temperature;

4.Surfaces can be dealt with high temperature resistant stainless steel metallic paint,Interior can be dealt with Acid Cleaning Passion;

5.Equipped with automatic valve . Main cylinder with liquid level controller , safety interlocking mechanism , and security protection can be set 80℃;

6.Mechanical seal with silicone seal rubber of type O and PTFE gasket;


8.Design Pressure:044Mpa;

9.Max. working pressure:0.40Mpa; temperature:140℃;

11.Max.working temperature:135℃;

12.Heating rate:5℃/min; cooling rate:3℃/min;

13.Liquor ratio:1:8-20;

14.Sealing cover:Internal Pressure closed by silicone rubber;

15.Pump:specifications:2.2 kw high efficient centrifugal pump;



18.Heating mode:Electric Heating or Steam Heating (optional)

If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.


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