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          P-A0、P-B0 small padder

          P-A0、P-B0 small padder


          Nowadays , customers ask for more requirements about product quality :not only the requirement of color and smooth surfaces, but also comfortable feel. Some work should be redone because of bad touching, which in turn , results in serious waste of time and energy. The small padder manufactured by our company is an ideal solution to this problem . Excellent and comfortable touching can be reached with the on spot simulating in your company so as to create more and better business opportunities for you!


          Adjustable to pressed absorbing rate on spot and provide precise pressed dyeing or resin prescription.

          Select the concentration quality of auxiliary ,which is applicable for dyeing and finishing plant , manufacturer of auxiliary and dye .


          To promote the membrane by compressing the air; make the pressure balanced .The pressure reappearance is still in good working order after long time using.

          The hardness of roller is 72 degree and pressure-absorbing rate is from 45% to 90%.

          With better safety and reciprocal rotating of motor ,the small padder can be operated either by hand or foot ,which makes the operator much safer . The special device with high efficiency is designed for safe operation and used to prevent the finger to be clamped. All the other parts are made of stainless steel except the framework .


          Pressure absorbing roller with 72 degree of hardness , is made of imported materials and covered by N,B,R, and rubber ; then be abraded.

          The diameter of rubber roller is 130mm and the length is 430mm.

          The phase 370W motor rotation,speed adjustable.

          Right and left pressure or independent adjustment with the pressure range between 0~7kg.

          Group two pressure indicating meter

          Group two pressure adjustment valve

          Air compressor is an optional equipment

          Dimensions:920*650*1250 (P-AO)   870*650*1100(P-BO)

          If the listed specification has any changes,our company has right to modify without notification at any time.

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