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R-3 automatic drying setting machine

R-3 automatic drying setting machine


Used with small padder/resin pressure dyeing machine and applicable for lab setting ,drying ,resins baking colors and many other processing . It can simulate sopt conditions to test the hardness and quality influence of dyes, auxiliaries and finishing auxiliaries before hand.

Main technical parameter

1、 Controlled setting times, automatically feeding and discharging;

2、Precision temperature controlling,hot wind cycle.Temperature controlling computer with PID adjustment.When temperature reaches to 80℃ -250℃, the precision can reach ±1% ;

3、The specially designed needle plate is applied for both plain stitch cloth and knitted fabric ,especially the warp and weft tension can be adjusted.

4、Power : three-phase, 380V,12KW.

5、Dimensions(L*W*H) 800*650*900mm   1440*650*910mm

If the listed specification has any changes,our company has right to modify without notification at any time.

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