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HTR-800 pilot continuous infrared heat setting machine

HTR-800 pilot continuous infrared heat setting machine


Pilot continuous Infrared heat setting machine is a new pilot setting machine that is developed and designed by China Textile Academy Jiangnan Branch together with our company .Designed specifically for medium and small samples of dyeing simulating the production of the formulation and process.It is the best choice for mass production ,an indispensable pilot device for chemical,dyeing factories ,schools,teaching experiments and scientific research units .According to the requirements of users and the market,infrared heating and electric heating are both feasible.


1.Gate width,to fill gaps in international and domestic.

2.Environmental protection,energy saving and high efficient.

Using High-tech Design:

1.Novel structure,complete imitation of large-scale production design: width width up to 800mm.

2.Using infrared heating,environmental protection ,energy saving ,high efficiency (heating to 200℃,only 25 minutes).

3.The new fan is used in the chamber,frequency control ,reasonable nozzle,a uniform effect of rapid heat setting.

4.The hot air automatically shuts down when an emergency stop ,as to prevent damage to the fabric.

5.Can adapt to a variety of fabrics.

6.The whole machine is PLC control ,the implementation of human-machine interface operation.

Main technical parameter

Setting width105-850mm
Setting cut-side105*1000-850*1000mm
Temperature rangeRoom temperature -200℃
Temperature accuracy±2.0℃
Heating rate0.5-6.0℃/min
Heating power15kw
Heating modeCoating the infrared lam
Cooling modeAutomatic cooling
Turnning modeOperating frequency,loop
Power specifications3-phase 4-wire 380V
Dimensions outside4000*1300*1200mm(L*W*H)

If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.

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