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HTR-600 pilot continuous infrared heat setting machine

HTR-600 pilot continuous infrared heat setting machine


The machine is applied to staving,finalizing,resigning fishing bake, pad dyeing baking and fixation in dyeing test laboratory.


1.Equipped with stainless steel grill age,adjustable longitude and latitude.In the process of test,keep the fabric smooth.

2.Through automatic temperature control device,test temperature can be precisely controlled,with heating air circulation to making sure temperature reach to the setting temperature in the machine.

3.Automatic timing contol,simulate different total set time.

4.Easy operation,time saving.

Main technical parameters

1.Working temperature:indoor temperature—200℃;

2.Electric power:30KW

3.Temperature control: heating speed 0-200℃ in 30mins.

4.Electric air system: adapt PID control, temperature and soaking time can set,over the set temperature will alarm.

5. Hot air circulating system: with drought fan let hot air to circulate and ensure the temperature in the machine.

6. Drought fan: power 15KW; speed:2800s/min

7. Pin frame: two-way stretch adjustable needle plate, lead screwφ24 T24×5

8.Open the door:Heavy hammer

9. Specimen size: Max 2200mm×800mmadjustable

10.Pull out the length of spin frame: 5200mm

11. Machine dimension(L*W*H):2750*1250*1500mm

   Pin frame dimension(L*W*H): 2000*800*750mm

12. Power source:three-phase,380V,50Hz.

If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.

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