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RC-LDX continuous sample figuration machine

RC-LDX continuous sample figuration machine

It is suitable for simulate drying process to assay resin thaw and dry to keep the color.It can obtain and confirmation the constituted formulas and the technological conditions such as dye stuffs and additives.Test fabric feel,the dye change color the degree,color fastness and so on the related important quality,the gain smooth and the correct tend product organization model.

Main Feature

1.Uses the high quality stainless steel mirror surface board material to make,anti-corrosive,is easy to be clean,has the comprehensive heat insulation energy conservation design.

2.The hot blast circulation automatically controls the warm,system Uses the import number to reveal PID to adjust warm controls the meter,the hot blast branch,stable is symmetrically precise.

3.The stainless steel transmission chain link,provides the block.

4.The stick control block,has expands a function.

5.Leaves the cloth to have automatically escapes the cloth installment.

6.The frequency conversion velocity modulation control passes the drying oven time.


Temperature control Double Temperature Double control Width of cloth 100mm-360mm
Temperature Range Room temperature-250℃ Power parameters 380V/18kw
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃ Dimension 2500W*1000D*1350(mm)
Speed range 0-6m/min Weight 650kg

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