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RC-CSD Multi function sample steamer

RC-CSD Multi function sample steamer


Apply to laboratory simulation workshops dyeing process,steam braise solid-color,heat resin curing test was conducted,auxiliaries and other prescription pharmaceutical and industrial conditions,the machine can be used as solid-color and the dryer of printing.

Main Feature

Made of import high quality stainless steel.

Automatic temperature control and electric system circulating hot air,steam and hot evenly distributed,accurate and stable.

Joint steam generator equipped with temperature and humidity control systems,steam generator water level control system equipment.

Switzerland imports thermostat and high temperature-humidity sensor,digital display,the quantitative value of the temperature and humidity.

May suppose in advance the operating time for 1seconds-999 hours,automatically completes the turnover material and the conclusion is called the bell.

Retractable needle plate special structure design,flexible adjustment of a different material from the perch tension.(Vertical maximum tensile capacity will be raised to 30%).


Temperature Accuracy ±1℃ Sample Size 330mm*250mm
Temperature Range Room temperature -250℃ Power parameters 380V/12.5KW
Humidity Accuracy ±3%RH Dimension 1050W*850D*1350H(mm)
Humidity Range 0-95%RH Weight 180KG

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