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RC-LHZ Multi function sample steamer

RC-LHZ Multi function sample steamer


It is suitable to test and manufacture of union dyeing process of rolling chemical drying and baking. It is consist of Atmospheric Electrical roller and saturated steam unit. It can avoid oxidation Return effectively before fixation color with dyestuff. The reproduction and the accuracy are fine.

Main Feature

Made of high quality stainless steel, it is not only anti-corrosive but also easy to be clean. There is the design of comprehensive insulating heat and conservation energy.

The guide stick is made of stainless steel and processed by Teflon.

Rolling stick is made of Nitrite butane Rubber.

The max saturated steam temperature is 102°.

The max entering steam 5kg/cm²,indirect 5kg/hrs,direct steam 15kg/hrs.

Step less speed regulator with frequency converter.

Entrance of cloth is steam seal,the exit is water seal.It supply water automatically.

Exit the cloth method is curl and Vibration falls.


Efficient Width 300mm Rolling over rate 40%-110%
Roller Diameter 125mm Power parameters 220V/50HZ/0.75KW
Speed Time 20-120Sec Dimension 950L*1400W*2000H(mm)
Box Capacity 6m Weight 350KG

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