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HX-ZG steamer

HX-ZG steamer


The machine is used for the steam stripping of pure cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabric,so that the dye can be further reduced, penetrated and fixed.

Color-reaction for cotton, chemical fiber and blended fabric printing after the use of color.

Suitable for continuous weaving silk thread,in addition cooperation and came after to setting. That is under a certain pressure and temperature can be stable viscosity, to obtain balanced and no shrink of the silk thread, in order to facilitate processing of the following procedures and improve the quality of products.

Technical parameter

Model The horizontal cylinder type Design temperature 140℃
Gland way The gear and rack safety interlock,
manual open cover
Max. working pressure 0.35Mpa
Heating mode Direct Steam heating or indirect heating Working temperature Room temperature-135℃
Design pressure 0.40Mpa Dimensions(L*W*H) 1100*650*980(mm)

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