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PT series digital printing steaming machine

PT series digital printing steaming machine


This machine is used for natural fiber, synthetic fiber, chemical fiber and its blended fabric woven fabric, knitted fabric and non-woven fabric steaming fixation and baking, all kinds of fabric per square meter gram weight range 50-800g/㎡.

Suitable dyes:Direct dyes, reactive dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes, metal complex dyes, paint  dyes and salt Tsuen dye.

Main characteristic:

1、When steaming,the fabric is fully relaxed and no tension, under free condition the machine will complete steam process.

2、Inside the steamer,the internal flow convection steam,humidity control, temperature control, environment control and time control to ensure the quality of steaming, bright color, good color fastness.

3、Compared with similar steamer steam consumption is reduced by 30%,printing dyes and other additives to reduce the amount of 30-40%.

4、Automatic control of the whole machine, easy to operate

5、Compact structure and saving resources.

Main Feature

1.Long ring hanging bottomless atmospheric pressure steamer.

2.The cloth optional 100m-150m.

3.Width 1800 mm, 2800mm, 3200 mm,optional.

4.Temperature control: low temperature 102 ℃ to 115 ℃, high temperature of 165℃ to 190℃ is suitable for all kinds of fabric steaming.

5.The machine has small volume and can save space.

6.Steam consumption is small and low use cost.

7.Using electric heating without hot oil supply or fuel boiler, easy to use.

8.It's suitable for the customer daily output under ten thousand meters.It's bed-plate printing, digital ink-jet printing, advertising printing and other industries supporting the steaming equipment.

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