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JY-12/24P normal temperature vibrating test machine

JY-12/24P normal temperature vibrating test machine


This dyeing machine is operated under normal temperature and easy for operation.Neutral salt,alkali and other softening and antistatic agents can be added during dyeing.It is also applicable for common bath cotton , soap wash and bleaching test.

Main technical parameter

MAX. TEMP:100℃;

Quantity of Cup:12 or 24;

Heating Model:electrical heating with 220V single-phase;


Vibrating speed:50-200 cycle /min;

Categories and capability of dyeing cup:250ml/500ml Three-angle glass flask or 250ml Stainless three-angle beaker.

Temperature control features:new computer temperature controller,temperate automatic control.Ten techniques are included.

Dimensions:JY-12P  870*440*680mm  

JY-24P  1030*530*680mm

If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.

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