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HS-12/24P high temperature color tester machine

HS-12/24P high temperature color tester machine


The test machine is widely used in dyeing and applicable for high temperature and normal temperature dyeing. It can test the sample fast and assist mass product.It can be used as wash fastness tester and dry cleaning fastness tester with separating dyeing cups, and absolutely measuring up ISO, AATCC standard.

Main technical parameter

Operating temperature :140℃

Quantity of cup positions: 12 or 24 or 4

Heating method : electrical heating with rising speed reaching to 4.0℃/min

Heating power :9kw

Specification for dyeing cups : 300ml、500ml、6000ml、9000ml; stretched by imported 316L materials that can withstand high-temperature , acid-base and corruption .

Dimension for cup pads: φ69.2、φ70、φ162 ; Made up of imported Teflon materials that can with -stand high-temperature , acid-base and corruption,which effectively prevent color stained and weeping.

Temperature control features:controlled by updated computer programs and can simulate spot techniques to finish programming automatically .Easy for executing programs. And it possesses the memory function of instant power-off.

Optional equipment : Gauze shelf and fabric shelf.

Dimensions:HS-12P 840*660*1040mm

         HS-24P 930*670*1050mm

If there are any changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.


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