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WE-1 Rope dyeing machine

WE-1 Rope dyeing machine

Main features:

1.Time saving

It can Shorten processing time and improve productivity .It reduces the dark fabric dyeing time to only 298 minutes.

2.Lower water consumption

The unit of fabric weights with low water consumption , less emissions , more environmental friendly, saving steam consumption ,saving polluted water treatments ,dyestuff and chemicals.

3.Reduce power consumption.

Main pump motor uses transducer with soft boot,with shorter dyeing process , advanced emissions techniques without downtime.

4.Constant liquid ratio

When the loading capacity of each pipe raging from 70% to 100%,the liquid ratio can keep 1:5,and running smoothly.

5.Heating mode:Electric heating or steam heating.

6.The scope of application

Can meet the requirement of different weight of fabric dyeing ,which ensures the completion of one cycle within 3 minutes,in the case of not reducing the amount of dyeing.

7.More environmental friendly,low consumption of water,low power,low emissions,low power consumption.


Technical Data

Max speed:350 m/min

Max working temperature:98℃.(Electric heating or steam heating)

Heating rate:25℃~98℃ average 5℃/min

(dry saturated steam pressure at 0.7 Mpa)

Cooling rate:98℃~85℃ average 2℃/min

(cooling water at 0.3MPa,25℃)

The Main Technical Specifications

Model Nominal capacity (kg) Total Power (kw) Dimensions
(L) (W) (H)
WE-1-50 30-50 5.65 1900 2400 2500
WE-1-100 70-100 6.22 2500 4025 3140
WE-1T-150 105-150 6.8 2620 4160 3325
WE-1T-250 200-250 8.62 3550 4670 4000
WE-2T-250 400-500 15.22 4550 4670 4000
WE-3T-250 600-750 20.24 5550 4670 4000
WE-4T-250 800-1000 29.32 6550 467 4000
WE-6T-250 1200-1500 40.12 8550 4670 4000
WE-8T-250 1600-2000 58.52 10550 4670 4000

If there are changes in listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.


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