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          RC-SQZ5060 Sample steamer

          RC-SQZ5060 Sample steamer

          RC-SQZ5060 small kind steamer is applied to printing factory and dyeing enterprise steaming fixation experiment requirement. The machine through the automatic temperature control system of hot air circulation heating, steam and temperature distribution in the stable and accurate. Meet a variety of fabric steaming experiments under various dyes as well as technology.

          Main Feature

          1.Made of high quality stainless steel to ensure the quality and durability.

          2.Bottomless steaming machine,ordinary pressure working condition.

          3.Controlled by reheating way,temperature distribution in the working unit even and applicable to high and low temperature steaming experiments.

          4.Equipped with high temperature motor and circulating fan with stainless Steel impeller.

          5.Stainless steel shell of the exhaust fan and exhaust pipe to ensure its service lifetime.

          6.Steam pressure reducing valve attached in order to reduce future additional costs.

          7.Three pieces of large-size sample fabric steamed once together.

          8.Imported temperature controller,steaming temperature freely set precisely,digital display.

          9.Steaming time freely setup ,fabric in and out automatically with finish alarm.

          10.Top of working unit specially designed to avoid sample from condensing water droplets impact.

          11.Stable performance good steaming perfectibility,easy operation and high efficiency.

          Technical parameter:

          Working Way The intermittent steam by elevator Steam reducing valve YES
          Size of cloth specimen 500mm*600mm*3 Circulating fan YES
          Steam Time 1s~99h Exhaust fan YES
          Steam Temperature 30℃~180℃ Power parameters 380V/50Hz/13Kw
          Consumption of steam about 20Kg/h Dimension 1350W*1200D*2400H
          Weight 400KG    

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