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XY-C/XY-2C precision electronic balance series

XY-C/XY-2C precision electronic balance series


Simple and stylish appearance, stainless steel pans, precise and stable, durable, LED digital show that with weighing, peeling, calculation function;

2C series standard battery ,AC / DC, five button operation, LCD liquid crystal display, increase the unit conversion function.


Technical parameter

Model XY100C XY200C XY300C XY600C XY1000C XY2000C XY3000C
Model XY1002C XY2002C XY3002C XY6002C XY10002C XY20002C XY30002C
Range 110g 210g 310g 610g 1100g 2100g 3100g
Accuracy 0.01g
Pan size Φ130mm
Optional parts RS232C&RS48 Printer.Wind cap


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