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HTC-1 low bath radio sample dyeing machine

HTC-1 low bath radio sample dyeing machine


HTC-1 low bath radio sample dyeing tester is created by Huaxia Co.,according to market demands.

The machine is a new kind of the environmental protection, energy saving,and new-style dyeing machine, the whole machine is made by stainless steel.

This machine is the prototype of low bath ratio in the market, minimum bath ratio up to 1:4-5.It can adapt to the different weigh fabric for refining and dyeing, can be dyed several pieces of fabric at the the same time. Energy consumption is lower than the glycerin dyeing tester,environmental protection and energy saving,and can achieve the effect of large cylinder dyeing. It’s development incorporates the latest technology and manufacturing processes, is better to meet the needs of market demand for a low of environmental protection and energy saving pioneer.

Technical parameters


2.Cylinder No.:single cylinder

3.Max capacity:1kg

4.Min length of fabric: sample fabric(can adapt to different gram fabric dyeing)

5.Max working temperature:135

6.Heating power:2.5kw/cylinder


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