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HTC series electric heating dyeing machine

HTC series electric heating dyeing machine

HTC serious electric heating dyeing machine developed by our company is a new type of heating machine which is designed based on the market need. It is suitable for small amount of fabric.It has low liquor ratio, small power consumption and fast running speed,ensuring good dyeing effect and quality, and also can directly use common production process.Moreover,it has different specifications of 3kg, 5kg, and 10kg. It is an extremely necessary dyeing machine for factories, schools, academy.


1.Suitable for dyeing fabric: cotton, polyester/cotton blended yarn, polyester, acrylic, nylon, ramie, viscose rayon fiber, cotton/linen blended, etc.

2.The machine body and part that touches the dye liquor are made of high anti corrosively stainless steel.

3.Improve the motor drive controlled by transducer,minimizing the slippage between fabric and lifter and ensuring the fabric simultaneously running between roller and fabrics.

4.Pumps unique designed with stainless steel which makes dye liquor keep certain pressure and flow rate.Thus,it ensures fabric smooth delivery in dye liquor.

5.Nozzle of pure overflow construction provides more h4 osmosis force of liquor circulation for fabric delivery.

6.The highest working pressure:0.44Mpa.

7.The highest working temperature:140℃.

Technical Characteristics:

ModelNo.of TubeNominal Capacity
Pump Power

If there are any changes of listed specification,our company has rights to modify without prior notice.

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