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About Us

Huaxia Technology Co.,LTD of Jingjiang county was founded in 2004,which is located in the beautiful Yangzi River deltaJingjiang.Our company is specialized in r&d, dyeing and finishing machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, chemical equipment and water treatment equipment. The company was awarded high-tech enterprises by Jiangsu Province, and won the National Dyeing and Finishing Prototype Technology R & D Center, Jiangsu Province Private Technology Enterprise, Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise, AAA Taizhou Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise, Jingjiang City assured advanced unit of consumer creation activities Honor, "HTAI" trademark is recognized as a well-known trademark in Taizhou City, and has passed ISO9001 quality management system, CE safety certification.

Our company owns research and development institutions such as pilot laboratories, the key technology research and development center of high efficiency and energy saving digital dyeing and finishing equipment, and owns an experienced professional team which is long engaged in printing and dyeing equipment manufacture, installation commissioning and after-sales service. Our customers are throughout major research institutions, large and medium-sized institutions and major textile printing and dyeing, clothing enterprises.

Innovation is the new vitality of the company's development. For many years, the company has always insisted on cooperating with scientific research units, universities and colleges, taking the road of science and technology, and becoming an off-campus training base for many universities. 

 We are adhering to the "efficient, pragmatic, rigorous, innovative" spirit of enterprise, trying to create more environmentally friendly energy-saving products and looking forward to providing high quality products and satisfactory service for you.

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