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          [2022-06-29] Importance of improving the fixation rate of reactive dyes
          Although the fixation reaction rate is much higher than the ...
          [2022-04-30] The main methods of dyeing fabrics with dark color
          For fibers that are easy to dye, such as cotton fabrics, the...
          [2022-04-23] Influencing factors of color measurement accuracy of dyed textiles
          For printing and dyeing manufacturers, there are many factor...
          [2022-04-16] Influence of high temperature dyeing machine on process operation
          The high temperature dyeing machine shall perform proce...
          [2022-04-09] Types of dyeing and finishing defects often encountered in dyeing machine dyeing
          In the textile dyeing and finishing production, due to many ...
          [2022-03-19] What is the effect of temperature on high temperature dyeing machine?
          When using the high-temperature dyeing machine, the key is t...
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