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          Key points of dyeing machine

          Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2022-02-26
          The dyeing of dyeing machine shall be carried out in strict accordance with the cloth weight and process requirements of each cylinder, which is the basic condition to improve the success rate, and the bath ratio shall be reasonably controlled. Unlike conventional dyeing, it is not that more water is conducive to quality. If the bath ratio is too large, the water level at the bottom of the dyeing cylinder exceeds Teflon strip, the dyeing solution is in partial contact with the fabric, and the liquid on the cloth is uneven, which is easy to cause color flower. Therefore, it is economical and reasonable to have a certain amount of excess dye at the bottom of the dye tank for the dye pump to pump and circulate after the fabric can absorb the dye completely.

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