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Congratulates the successful conclusion of the 19th China InterDye.

Author:Huaxia TechnologyHits:Published time:2019-04-13
The automatic dyeing equipment manufactured by Huaxia Technological Company has attracted great attention from the industry. Through this exhibition, customers from all over the world have a deeper understanding of the products of Huaxia Technological Dyeing Machine.


The atmosphere of the exhibition site is very hot, the audience is enthusiastic, and a large number of professional audiences come.


Three days is short, but Huaxia Science and Technology has been unanimously affirmed by the peers. This is only a starting point. Jingjiang Huaxia Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will maintain the research and development of production and dyeing equipment, strive to improve the dyeing efficiency of the printing and dyeing industry, and develop more environmentally friendly and energy-saving dyeing equipment.


Innovation is the new vitality of the development of science and technology in Cathaysia. For many years, Cathaysian science and technology has persisted in cooperating with research institutes, universities and colleges, taking the road of rejuvenating factories by science and technology, and has become an off-campus training base for many universities. There are more than 50 patents, including 17 national invention patents. Among them, "double cylinder dyeing machine", "cone yarn dyeing machine", "infrared computer programmed dyeing machine", "medium sample dyeing machine" and other high-tech products won the national award.

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